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About books4schools

Based in Derbyshire, the books4schools team have been designing an array of high quality publications for schools for many years, offering Primary and Secondary schools with high quality Reading Records, KS2 books, Numeracy books, Alphabet books and Student Planers at very competitive prices and quick turn-around times.

books4schools offer vibrant and creative cover designs with stimulating content, for schools across the UK.

Project background

Following a branding makeover, books4schools approached Creative Heights with a request to apply the new branding across their new Ecommerce website powered by the popular EKM Powershop platform.

books4schools highlighted a need to attract more online enquiries and sales for the popular academic books for Secondary Schools - Student Planners (also known as School Planners) which are available as off-the-shelf and bespoke booklets.

Furthermore, books4schools offer a 'FREE' Design Service and it's vital that visitors are aware of this selling point when browsing the website to attract more bespoke booklet sales.


Since the Spring of 2014, the optimised website has acted as an essential support tool for the Student Planner direct marketing efforts employed by books4schools.

Sales of Student Planner booklets have exceeded lower-to-mid range sales expectations and in 2015 expectations are high of achieving all quarterly sales targets.

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